Haládik & Partners, attorneys at law

Jozef Haládik

What do I do and what do I enjoy?

During the year I successfully manage about six medium-sized transactions for international clients, as well as for Czech and Slovak owners, worth around 20 million EUR. Regarding the subject of M&A, I do several lectures for seminars.cz and economia.cz. Furthermore I prepare a lot of contractual documentation for Czech and Slovak companies, so that my clients have clear guidelines for their customers and suppliers. But most interesting for me is definitely the work on motivational programs for employees, including setting up effective models of "corporate governance" and organizational structures. Among other pro bono activities, I like to participate in the Initiative Domluvte.se.

Do I have any other business?

In 2011 we decided to create the successful enforcement system eKolektor, which is based on the principle of "avoid disputes, simply settle." In 2013, we decided to enrol risk management area with pilot project of Ethic Line – "whistleblowing" tool of prevention and detection of unfair and illegal conduct, which protect at work and in business those honest against those unfair. In 2018 we launched proffesional GDPR Helpdesk GDPR Plus , which thanks to integrated AI Confluence speeds up search for answers to our clients.

What is my background?

Look at my LinkedIn profile.

“Jozef brings great out-of-the box business solutions, where the rest of the market is lost in legal knot.”

Petr Zmátlík, Pražská plynárenská

“Jozef is simply the best lawyer I have worked with during my 15 years experience running businesses in Central Europe.”

Philippe Riboton, HR Partners

“Jozef is an attorney who besides understanding the law, understand business and prepares legal solutions helping the business objectives. He is a tough negotiator and often can take care of some tough business issues.”

Martin Smrz, UPC Česká republika

Other clients who are happy to provide references for my services:

Martin Coufal, Regional Director Bisnode Group; Jean Michel Condamin, Chief Executive Officer, Zodiac Aerospace; David Klíma, Regional Director Motip Dupli Group; Ivan Šimek, Regional Director TNS; Vladimír Klučina, Peter Kuba, Oliver Nehring, Vaillant Group, Petr Majerik, Director, at media; Pavel Petlák, Regional Director, Onduline Group.

If you would like to buy or sell a company with me, clarify contractual documentation or set up an organizational structure or rules of "corporate governance," let me know at +420 603 466 473 or jhaladik@haladik.com.

Do not forget to download my business card here.

For formalist here is the extract from the Commercial Register of my law firms in Prague and Bratislava in pdf format: CZ & SK.